Red Hydra ver 0.1 alpha

Finally got around to forking the issue & version code (along with a not insignificant amount of other Cygnus code) from Cygnus v3.2. Ironically, since I cannot use Red Hydra as a bug tracker for itself yet, I need to keep track of them in a text file or something.

Patch notes:

  • Copied over frontend issue and version display and administration files
  • Copied over menu, header & footer, and DB connection include files
  • Copied over issue and version class files
  • Copied over CSS main file
  • Created Red Hydra dev and prod DBs, then copied over Issue and Version tables & data
  • Copied over config.php, with modifications

Cygnus ver 3.2

Patch notes (from Dec 30, 2013):

  • Modified main admin page to reduce slow loading
  • Altered movie serieses and tv shows to use new sorting methods
  • Fixed opening a movie browse page other than offset 0 (page 1) which displays an empty list
  • Fixed adding or editing a movie or episode to perform validation before files are uploaded
  • Added a check for file move failures after they are uploaded

Hello, world!

Welcome to my blog. Check out my about page to find out more about me and this blog.

Right now, I am currently working on this website, which is going to be my professional online identity, and eventually contain a portfolio of projects and contract work. As well as that, I am always working on my hobby projects: Cygnus, a media streaming and storage website for a personal film and television show collection, and Red Hydra, a basic bug and version tracker.