Hard drive 3, me 0

Back in July the 3TB hard drive I use for Cygnus files (but not the OS files, which are contained on a much older 40GB drive) decided it didn’t like me and threw a hissy fit. After several days of fscking it repeatedly, which reduced the partition size to 2TB for some reason, I managed to wrest¬†a working file system back off the beast.

But alas, badblocks run non-destructively caused kernel panics (I assume, since it happens when I am not at the computer itself and it just comes back restarted and running fsck yet again), so once I put the house of cards that is the file system on that drive back together again, I decided to just get what data I could save using ddrescue.

Naturally at this point, the beast fights back with this little problem:

ddrescue pain
Gotta love that read speed

The partition has about 685GB of data on it, of which I have no idea of its integrity at this point. I have been running ddrescue 24/7 for 2 months straight now, and I have no idea if it is going to be all for naught.

I suppose the lesson is: if you are just fiddling around with an old computer as a household server/tinkering box, when you start to make something more important on it that you actually care about, maybe then you ought to consider backups or something.

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