Cygnus v3.2 playing Young Frankenstein
Cygnus v3.2 playing Young Frankenstein

Cygnus is a media streaming and storage website for a personal movie and television show collection. It allows anyone to watch, via HTML5 video, a movie or an episode of a tv show that has been added to its database using the administration section of the website.

As a hobby project I started in 2010 which I developed for my own use, I am always adding features, correcting bugs, streamlining its existing capabilities, and anything else I can think of to improve or expand it.

As of version 3.2 (Dec 30, 2013), here is a list of most if not all of its features and capabilities.

General features

  • Stream tv shows & movies for watching.
  • Add new content and edit it easily via the administration section.
  • Easily add and remove films or episodes to and from their respective playlists from anywhere on the site where a list of movies or tv episodes are displayed, including bulk adding and removing in some cases.
  • When watching media in a playlist, you can set an option to automatically load and play the next one in the playlist.
  • When you leave the media streaming page, your time index and volume setting are saved. Therefore, when you go to watch the media you were in the middle of, it automatically brings you right to where you were watching it and at the same volume setting. Pages listing all media “in progress” is provided for convenience.
  • The movie and tv episode watch pages display when the media is part of a series and/or playlist, and shows you a quick link box showing the previous and next media for quick access in either or both cases.

Movie featues

  • Perform a search for movies using any of many criteria, like partial name matching, by actor, or even by the year the movie was released.
  • Browse through a paginated list of all of the movies in the database, sorted alphabetically.
  • Movies that are part of a series (e.g. Harry Potter, Star Wars) are kept track of as such, allowing easy access to any of the other movies in the series quickly.
  • When movies are added to Cygnus, data from IMDB is used to populate the database with a list of actors in the movie for search and informational purposes.

Television show features

  • Perform a simple partial text search for episode names, with the results sorted by tv show, then season, then by episode in the season, with the order of the seasons and episodes within a season displayed in their correct chronological order.
  • Browse through all television shows, with seasons listing all the episodes within them in the proper chronological order.

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